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So we put it on, and I hadn’t heard it in such a long time. And I absolutely enjoyed listening to it strictly as a music fan. CP: I definitely enjoyed listening to it as a music fan as well, Greg. And thanks for all the other great records you’ve made over the years, man.

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I can’t say enough about what Minneapolis means to me.Il concerto sarà concepito come serata aperta senza soluzione di continuità fra i diversi set.Sera dopo sera, sempre in maniera differente, Manuel e Rodrigo interverranno all’interno del set di Dulli e viceversa, dando vita ad uno spettacolo unico e irripetibile che poco ha a che fare con un tradizionale concerto acustico.[laughs] CP: How has your approach to your music – and making a record – changed from the first phase of the band to this new iteration of the group?GD: Honestly, making records really is about getting the songs, you get people to play them, you go into the studio and you make them. The one thing that we did on this record that we weren’t really able to do on .

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