Who is allen iverson dating

In January, his high school sweetheart and wife of 11 years settled with him in divorce court over staggering marital assets, gaining full custody of the children as well.Add the Answer Add the Answer Allen and Tawanna began dating when they were 16 years old.Iverson was viewed now in much of white America as essentially a convicted felon who was out of prison only because a black man was governor of his state. He had to adhere to a curfew and could not play basketball until he got his high school diploma.He could not accept a scholarship to the University of Kentucky but did get a scholarship once he completed his high school education in a learning center.Iverson famously squandered his multimillion dollar fortune to the point of bankruptcy.

This played into the prosecution's hands and also upset the judge, both of whom saw this as evidence that Iverson did not respect the law. This case sparked a tremendous amount of national attention.TMZ reports the couple may have worked things out since the ordeal.The one-time basketball great's dramatic ordeal is the latest to plague his post-NBA personal life.He developed a reputation of talking a lot and being uncoachable.To say he had a rough childhood is quite an understatement.

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