Updating cas disclosure statements

Since the recodification, numerous other changes have been implemented.The applicability was expanded to educational institutions and the thresholds have been increased several times.The CAS apply to contracts themselves and not to contractors.Although there are contract clauses that actually impose the CAS, these clauses are required by statute.The Department of Energy was well known for this kind of practice when awarding annual contracts to its laboratory operators.

As a result of the recodification in April 1992, however, the CAS apply to all negotiated contracts and subcontracts. Furthermore those exceptions have been modified several times since 1992 but currently include contracts awarded: In addition, before any of the above exemptions or even the CAS can apply the contractor must be performing at least one CAS covered contract of .5 million or more.The CAS are one of several regulations governing the accounting methods of government contractors.Another common set of accounting rules is contained within the FAR 31 Cost Principles and Procedures that impose its own unique accounting requirements on contractors along with other accounting principles like Generally Accepted Accounting Principles when they apply.After nearly two years of deliberation, the Board's first real act was to recodify the Cost Accounting Standards (CAS) rules, contract clauses and solicitation clauses from Chapter 1, 48 CFR Part 30 to 48 CFR Chapter 99.The final rule implementing this change appeared in the at 14148 on April 17, 1992.

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