Updating boinc

Hi, I guess you have 64-bit Ubuntu and 64-bit BOINC running on it.

I had this case and noticed that [email protected] got 100% computation errors on 64-bit BOINC. Run these lines in parent directory where you want to install BOINC.

A few weeks ago, my two participating computers stopped updating tasks and computing them. That is what the quota is for, to prevent a single machine from failing on a huge pile of work.This is the only way to set computing preferences on Android; project and account manager prefs are not used.If you need total control and don't mind XML, you can set computing preferences by creating an XML document on the computer. Example: should BOINC use GPUs when computing for this project?Meaning that if you try to update to the project (i.e.hit the project scheduler) more than once in a 5 minute period, the subsequent requests will be rejected.

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