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In her own book and interviews, she spies a vast conspiracy against her, from Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump to James Comey to misogynists and racists and deplorables everywhere.

Even Barack Obama, whose Justice Department saw no evil when it came to Clinton’s reprehensible self-dealing involving Bill Clinton’s speaking fees and donations to the Clinton Foundation, is nonetheless a target of ­Hillary’s ire.

Living in the shadow of shooters The unsettled nature of our times is reflected in a Wall Street Journal story that finds churches, libraries and schools joining businesses in teaching people what to do if an active shooter is in the building.

“It’s going to keep happening,” a 77-year-old retired doctor told the Journal about why he attended a survival class.

The City Council is overwhelmingly controlled by Dems, and most incumbents won in landslides, with about a dozen getting 90 percent or more.

The only council incumbent among 34 running who faces possible defeat is Queens Democrat Elizabeth Crowley.

“Last night was a great reminder of what’s possible when we come together and fight for what we believe in,” she tweeted Wednesday.

Which is mighty rich when you consider the history of the Clintons.That mistake opened the door for Trump, whose appeal to long-ignored blue-collar voters and beleaguered families was the key ingredient in his Electoral College triumph.For now, and especially after last week’s results, leading Dems believe they have a winning approach.They aim to motivate their base by endless bashing of Trump and assume the president will help them by continuing to split the GOP, which makes it nearly impossible for Congress to pass major legislation.They will also continue to play the Russia, Russia, Russia card. But 2020 is a long way off and the party is not likely to recapture the White House without an appealing messenger and a forward-looking message of economic growth.

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    Drivers may still use their devices to make or take emergency calls from authorities in case of a crime, accident, bomb or terrorist threat, fire or explosion, instances needing immediate medical attention or when personal safety and security is compromised.

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