Team fortress 2 validating steam files stuck

Resulting in low performance of Team Fortress 2 or say Drop in FPS.

In order to resolve the issue, you need to add this file/folder into the exceptions list of your antivirus/internet security program so it doesn’t scan it all the time.

So, if you are among these and are experiencing any of these issues, start reading the troubleshooting guide that follows.

1# Team Fortress 2 Low FPS Fix If you have been experiencing the drop in FPS in Team Fortress 2 lately, this fix may help you resolve the issue.

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So, if you have any antivirus program running in the background, this file will be scanned all the time whenever it updates, which is too frequent.This transition hasn’t been smooth, Valve servers are over loaded, and new players are finding it difficult to get started with the game.That said, there are also some technical difficulties faced by those, who haven’t played any source engine game before.Setting breakpad minidump App ID = 219640 Loading library: lib Phys Result of loading library lib Phys 0xaa0e780 Loading library: Phys XUpdate ERROR: Phys XUpdate cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory Result of loading library Phys XUpdate 0x0 Loading library: lib Phys Result of loading library lib Phys 0xaa0e500 Yes, lib Phys XCore and lib Phys XCooking won’t load. Yes, Steam API_Init() will initially spit out a fail; that’s something Steam-related, it will succeed the second time but doesn’t log anything for success.I decided to dig Team Fortress 2 off the virtual shelf : P and play some Oculus Rift VR with TF2 because I haven't since I first got my oculus Rift.

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