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Therefore, if a line passes over a particular town, you can expect the storm’s arrival within a one hour period.

This simple button activates the results of an extremely complex program that analyzes every storm in three dimensions and calculates the maximum size of hail stones within each storm.

Please note that most of these cameras are NOT owned or controlled by weather USA (unless the name specifically says so) and you will have to visit the camera's website if you want more information about it.

WARN Interactive Radar is one of the most advanced online radar tools available.

The radar is a statewide composite image that provides a quick look at weather across Oklahoma.

To get started, click anywhere on the map below to load that region’s local radar, or click one of the thumbnails below the main radar image.

Once the radar has loaded, you can use the checkboxes available to activate or deactivate features like rotation, hail, and lightning.

Since our WARN Interactive Radar ingests true Doppler Radar wind data, it is possible to detect areas of rotation within a thunderstorm.

This button changes the radar imagery to detect winter precipitation like rain, freezing rain, sleet and snow.

The legend on the left side also changes to indicate the winter precipitation type.

This highly advanced feature allows you to track winter storms and monitor the type of precipitation falling in a particular area.

The Rainfall button displays the estimated rainfall distribution across the entire radar screen.

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