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And though he never accepts offers of money—he calls himself “the pro bono gigolo”—he does enjoy the ego boost that comes with some of the perks his popularity inspires. Dave shows me an old framed photograph of his dad, also a doctor, looking as dapper as Billy Dee Williams, with his mom beside him in tight jeans and a flowing shirt. He sits down on the sofa, pulls out his laptop, and shows off what is rapidly beginning to seem like his other medical practice. The first one he opens contains photographs of a woman named Tara, who is married to an Army veteran.One couple paid all his expenses to join them at a Mexican resort. He admits to a problem with intimacy and jokes about being a “man whore,” though he scoffs at the idea of sex addiction. A cute little kid hides behind her, his eye on the photographer. “Always peeking around the corner.”Even when he was a crumb-crusher, Dave says, he loved going to the hospital with his father. He had to give up his emergency-room work because of the stress, so he moved into general practice and he loves it—these little old white ladies give him a hug and say how happy they are to see him. They'd had a couple of successful threesomes, and then her husband got orders to go to Afghanistan and asked Dave to “fill in” for him at home. This one has movies made on a laptop while the woman's husband watched from home on Skype.He quickly became the star attraction at many private parties, often the only single man invited.As his fame spread, people began traveling in from out of state just to meet him.Dave figures he's slept with more than 300 women in the past ten years, all but maybe five or six of them white, usually with their husbands watching. Without the infinite multicast that connects him to the growing population of like-minded libertines, he'd probably be sleeping with nurses and meeting women in bars or maybe even settled down into an ordinary “vanilla” relationship. He married his college girlfriend, but that ended in divorce a few years later.Not long ago, he took a break and seriously dated a woman with three kids. The “hotwife” phenomenon—in which a husband gets his thrills from watching his wife have sex with other men—was exploding across the web, almost as if he had personally summoned it, and the easy access to endless amounts of sex with strangers kept drawing him back. “The Internet took away the stigma.” His adventures began at the turn of the new century, a time when the world of online hookups was in its infancy.Another sent him a plane ticket to California just to come to a party, and right now he's sorely tempted by an offer of an all-expenses Caribbean cruise in exchange for participating in one of the cruise's most popular nighttime attractions, a room where black men wait in groups to satisfy middle-class white women who would never do this sort of thing at home. In third grade, Dave used to look up the teacher's dress, and one day she wasn't wearing panties, which definitely made a permanent impression on him. Dave starts one of the movies, and two pairs of tangled naked legs appear on the screen.

“I kinda have to end up playing that role,” Dave says, sounding a little sheepish.“I used to cringe when couples would tell me it's not a racial thing,” he tells me later.“You don't have time for romance, bro,” the friend told him, “but you got time for this. ”So Dave put up a profile, and after a few months of dead ends, he got a note from an attractive white couple who said they were taking a vacation in his town. They were so it wasn't for him, and a few months later another hot couple got in touch.This wife was a “model-quality blonde,” he remembers, and Dave prepared himself with some Viagra.He's looking for the text where he raised the idea of bringing a reporter to their first date.He scrolls back through the string, stopping at interesting moments.

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