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And if the beginning of the season is any indication, things are bound to get crazier.

During this recently exclusive interview with the show’s stars, the foursome talked about where there characters are headed this season, as a result of all of the big storyline shifts, getting to revisit some storylines from Season 2, how the friendship dynamic is changing, that this season will have more lightness to it, what these new changes mean for their love lives, and that they really do take the fans’ input into consideration. Collider: What can you say about where your characters are headed this season, especially with all of these big storyline shifts?

The very candid O’Barr added that money issues were a big reason why filming hadn’t begun yet.

O’Barr said he has been in communication with Witwer for some time and thinks the actor has the look and ability to portray the protagonist from his comic.

While he hasn’t headlined a film thus far, Witwer has developed a strong resume on television.

The actor said has allowed for complete character arcs, which is a result of how the series began and how it is ending.

"One of the most wonderful things about our show is Syfy picked us up for 13 before we'd even shot the pilot so we knew, as soon as we were on set, we're doing 13 of these at least," he said.

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