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On the other hand, the Rich Gang Crew is all set for their December 19 Rich Gang Party after replacing the late Ivan Semwanga...Read More Fallen singer Dizzy Nuts was laid to rest today.The lighting, the stage were spot on, but the sound was poor killing Moze Radio's lovely voice..

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He has now vowed to deal with them the moment he returns from his tour and while at it, he is prepared to go to jail, he adds...Read More Eddie Sendi was forced to return fire following the Thursday Laftaz attack, many had give him credit for keeping calm on the fateful day, but he kind of went overboard on Saturday with the words he used..Read More Over 50 artists graced the first Save UG Music meeting that was held at Laftaz on Thursday, it will deliberate on a number of issues that include copyright issues, aritists saving schemes and ensuring that local music gets the best airplay on radio and TV stations among others...He has 2 children, but not yet married to their mother.He was studying an undergraduate degree in law, but dropped out.

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    Cause I offenly get to a quiz that I like, but it is too short, and over quickly. Five boys, since my imagination ran out for description at the end. But I WILL be nice enough in telling you that the quiz includes; Rock Lee, Neji Hyuuga, Naruto Uzumaki, Sasuke Uchiha and Kiba Inuzuka.

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    ” If you’re looking for a voluptuous vixen or a hefty hunk, you don’t have to only use a BBW dating site.

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    Not only does this form of dating reduce the discouragement of rejection, it also is very safe and private.

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