Ohio interracial dating

I have always been open minded, and I also see everyone as a human, not their color.

Let me tell you, this caused a lot of drama in my life.

I sat in a bus where someone shouted “sand n***er” to me, and I didn’t know how to react.

As you can probably tell, this school barely had any interracial couples.

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If you are wondering, I am the Capricorn and he is the Scorpio.

I had moved from a school that had an abundant rate minorities to a school that was filled with a extremely low rate of minorities.

In high school, I struggled to truly find myself because of my social status at school, and the fact that I was “brown”.

There wasn’t any range of area in their mind that contained the thought that I could be with someone of another race.

They had this thought that Indian girls will only date Indian boys.

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