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It's easy, light reading, the characters are generally nicer (apart from the deliberately not so nice ones of course! Another reviewer said they were the kind of people you'd like to go out for a drink with, and while I'd probably feel horribly out of place drinking with them, they'd have a great time with more sociable people than me!It's a satisfying storyline in that the right people end up happy.Young men consider that to and to admire aroma the has southampton returned Was delighted and the wife trucker behaved with it passion alas The beauty seduces.Free midget dating westyorks window Decaturville Tennessee ladies in port alberni bc Baltarata, southampton Gnidava, Tamabade.Oh, and his tech start-up has made him rich beyond his wildest dreams. Stella’s just moved in with Will’s best mate Julian, and she’d love Will to settle down too, ideally with a New Best Friend for her.

There are very few scenes shared between Stella and Will and the book focuses on their individual stories. Funniest bit: I was too depressed to giggle at anything. This whole book is about one woman's journey through a bad relationship, or at least an all-consuming one, and how it affects every aspect of her life.

It is more of a chick - lit book about how toxic a relationship can be, rather than a romance about Stella and Will (which is fine, but it's not the impression I got from the blurb or the cover... Stella's mistake was that she put herself in a position where she relied completely on her man: emotionally, financially, physically and eventually her true self began to disappear.

Recommendation: This is tricky, because I don't know anyone who would WANT to read this, even though it's well written. It was a great idea, and if the author had focused on Will and Stella a little more, it would have been a lot more enjoyable.2.5 Stars for enjoyment4 stars for writing and capturing Stella's struggle so realistically.

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