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We'll email you back within a few days letting you know that your new site has been listed and to check it out. We appreciate your patience while we respond, and will do the best we can to assist you.

If you need changes to your listing made at anytime, email us with all the details. The very best way to promote your new Camera Ware Community is to be on camera and active in your chatroom!

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Additionally, if you use web tricks to hide the banner ads and viewer text on the free viewers in your webpages, we won't list you then either.We provide this service as a free platform to UK Swingers.We have a variety of general and topic related adult chatting.You can promote your Camera Ware Community by having us list it on our community site list. Oh yeah, if you create your own Camera Ware Community and get it listed in our directory, we'll send you a free Camera Ware License so you can test drive all the features of Camera Ware. There are tons of services that offer everything you need, from registering your domain name, to creating and hosting your whole site. In the email body, include the chatroom name that you want. once you have the free Camera Ware viewer and a chatroom on a webpage, you've got your very own Camera Ware Community site! Now you just have to promote it :-) To get you started, we can list your new Camera Ware Community viewing site on our Camera Ware Community Directory.And we have a Camera Ware webring that you can join. You can also do a search on your favorite search engine to find free hosting services. Spaces and special characters are not allowed in chatroom names, and the name has to start with a letter. Your site must have the Camera Ware viewer(s) and free chatroom on the same webpage, and be easy & free for your visitors to access.

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