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is a tool to identify potential volume delivery errors for pipettes. If your institution requires pipette calibration on a specific schedule, you should adhere to this schedule and use the Checkit as an extra verification step between scheduled calibrations.Piston pipettes are most accurate at or near their nominal volume (the maximum volume the pipette can deliver).Since the Checkit measures pipette volume with volume, there is no conversion of units like with a scale (from mg - m L).

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Because the Checkit directly measures delivered volume rather than relying on gravimetric analysis, there is also no need to use correction calculations that account for these factors. Grasp the pull tab on the reservoir seal and peel it off to expose the measurement fluid.Fit your pipette with an appropriate pipette tip (not a filter or gel-loading tip). Then draw the dye (measurement fluid) from the reservoir into the tip.Most pipette manufacturers provide specifications for both the accuracy and precision of their pipettes.Briefly, accuracy describes how close the mean of delivered volumes is to the stated volume, and precision describes the distribution of the volumes around the mean.

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