Dating utah

I would love to meet some women friends in my area to hang out with, dine, chat and do things with that are interested in spirituality, Hey im Jessa, im looking for a girlfriend or friends. I can be quite girly at times, but can also be a bit of a tomboy, too.

I enjoy chatting with friends, I love music, playing or listening to it.

I'm immersed in the video game and art worlds; I got my Bachelor's in game design and fine Ill admit it, I'm a little old-fashioned when it comes to my dating style.Most of the comments were outraged while some didn't believe it was a big issue.Mark Peterson is the spokesperson for the Utah State Board of Education and said they didn't know about the assignment until people called Tuesday afternoon."As soon as this was brought to our attention, it's clearly inappropriate, and we had it taken down," said Peterson.For girls it suggested to "be feminine and lady like," "don't to correct or comment on his personal habits," and "eat what you order and don't waste his money."For boys it suggested they plan the date and then inform the girl what they were doing."I mean this is 2017 a girl can decide what she wants to do." said Lacy."There were just a lot of gender bias comments on those pages."Jenn's post of the assignment was shared nearly a thousand times.

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