Dating men with uncut penis

"When it comes to getting the job done, uncircumcised and circumcised penises work in the same way," says Brahmbhatt.That said, there is an interesting debate around whether uncircumcised or circumcised penises happen to be more sensitive.

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But the procedure has gotten pretty popular, depending on where you are. When he doesn't, he can get smegma, which is basically dead skin cells and oils that come together and form this white chalky substance." Yes, even doctors say "smegma."But if an uncircumcised dude cares about being clean in general, he'll include that cleansing as part of his routine.

"The thought process here is that when the foreskin is still on the head of penis, there's more sensitivity because the foreskin slides back and forth more easily over the head during sexual activity, which is stimulating to the penis," says Ramin.

There's also the theory that since the head of the penis isn't always exposed to the outside world the way it is with circumcised ones, it hasn't built up the same level of hardiness. One small 2015 study published in said their research "confirms the importance of the foreskin for penile sensitivity, overall sexual satisfaction, and penile functioning." Basically, ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

Circumcision surgery is an outpatient procedure that takes around 30 minutes, but the healing can take four to six weeks.

"It makes active erections a little painful because the stitches are stretching, and patients can't have sex for a couple weeks, so it's mentally painful as well," Brahmbhatt explains.

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