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The 1262 CE Sundha hill inscription of the Jalor Chahamana king Chachiga-deva states that the dynasty's ancestor Chahamana was "a source of joy" to the Vatsa.The 1320 Mount Abu (Achaleshwar temple) inscription of the Deora Chauhan ruler Lumbha states that Vatsa created the Chahamanas as a new lineage of warriors, after the solar dynasty and the lunar dynasty had ceased to exist.The ritual was interrupted by miscreant daityas (demons).To get rid of these demons, Vashistha created progenitors of three Rajput dynasties from the sacrificial fire pit.

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This legend was probably invented by the 10th-century Paramara court poet Padmagupta, whose Nava-Sahasanka-Charita mentions only the Paramaras as fire-born.

The 12th-century Prithviraja Vijaya mahakavya, composed by Prithviraja III's court poet Jayanaka, also claims a solar dynasty origin for the ruling dynasty.

According to this text, Chahamana came to earth from Arkamandal (the orbit of the sun).

Susan Bayly, a modern anthropologist, considers him to have had "a high degree of accuracy in his observations of Punjab society ...

[I]n his writings we really do see the beginnings of modern, regionally based Indian anthropology." The Chauhans were historically a powerful group in the region now known as Rajasthan.

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