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The church has a simple, compact, rectangular form, with a small front vestibule.It is known as an auditory church because its open, compact form allows congregants to hear the preacher, a key figure in Baptist practice, and to participate in the call-and-response rituals that characterize Black Baptist worship.Swing by our adoption circle, located in front of the Libro Centre. Contribute to their cause and participate in our fantastic Silent Auction or one of the several charity contests. Swing by Woofa~Roo's Pet-Ucation Center and talk to the professionals in the indoor soccer field.

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This year’s event will feature the following restaurants: Dalhousie Bistro, Beacon Ale House, Rosa’s, and Artisan Grill, with a final stop at the local Legion.

Tickets cost only each and include free transportation in Amherstburg to and from the event, and one serving of food and drink from each restaurant you visit.

That’s five food items and five drink items for only !

Woofa~Roo Pet Fest is a fun filled festival for "Pets and Their People" featuring live presentations, such as Dock Diving, Flyball, Dog Agility, Lure Coursing, Disc Dog and Dog Races!

We have Pony Rides, Specialty Vendors, Contests, Woofa~Roo Gauntlet, Face Painting, Food and much more.

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