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Abby and Jeanne both dressed in what they called business slut, slacks tailored to be tight in the rear, daringly low cut ruffled blouses worn over skimpy lace brassieres and two inch heels. I dressed in well worn khakis and a baggy sweatshirt. For a minute or two the three of us ate in silence. Sometimes intense feelings are best expressed through silence.

Finally Jeanne said, “Micheal, it's Friday.”I was reading the previous day's college basketball scores in the sports page. As I took a sip of my coffee I noticed that Abby was watching me carefully. Finally Jeanne said, “We'll be home by .”I answered, “I'll be here.”At I heard the garage door open. I hurriedly swept the saw dust and wood shavings into my dust pan, dumped it into the trash barrel, took off my shop apron, hung it on the hook by the door and hurried upstairs.

Or are you going to be a cuckold, an observer, a spectator.” She smiled. Tonight we're getting together with a group of discreet people. As we hugged, I said, “I'm so glad that we found each other.”Pressing her cheek against my chest, Abby said, “I can't begin to express how much the two of you mean to me.”Jeanne whispered, “I think we might be the three luckiest people in the world.”Nodding, I said, “I agree.”Jeanne and Abby left for work. Jeanne took a silver chain out of her jewelry box and said, “Micheal, Ruth wears the key for David's cage as a pendant on a necklace.”I smiled at Jeanne. I was seated on the edge of the bed naked wearing my cock cage.

“You can even be a submissive cuck, a servant like David.”After taking a moment to consider Abby's question, I said, “I am a cuckold. Jeanne, I love watching.”“Micheal, are you sure about that? I have good reason to believe that all five of them can be trusted.”Abby nodded, “You're correct. ”Still giggling, Abby said, “You and I are presented with that opportunity several times a week and we almost always jump at the chance.”Shaking her head, Jeanne said, “Hey, my husband is trying to be serious.”Suddenly solemn, Abby said, “Actually I am too. “This is right out of the Internet cuckold stories.”“We don't have to do it. You and Abby get to safely be sluts and I have an opportunity to experience an evening as a cuckold. She'd eagerly enjoyed every carnal act she could imagine, but she'd never experienced love. She took Abby's hand, led her over to me and said, “This is my husband, Michael.

I knew why Jeanne was reminding me that it was Friday. When I stepped into the kitchen Jeanne and Abby were walking in from the garage. As Abby kissed me she gave my crotch a gentle squeeze and whispered, “I hope you're excited about tonight because we certainly are.”Chuckling, I said, “It's all I thought about today.”While they put our sandwiches and potato salad on plates I opened a bottle of red wine.

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Looking at both women, I casually answered, “Yes it is.”Jeanne continued, “I've told you about the parties we've hosted here for the past several Fridays.”I stared at Jeanne with a puzzled expression. Could you refresh my memory.”Now it was Jeanne's turn to stare at me. Of course I remember the parties and I haven't forgotten that you were planning one for tonight.”Abby was laughing. As soon as we were finished eating we tidied up the kitchen.

We don't have any desire to create anxiety for either you or Jeanne.”“Don't worry, you won't. While I'm not ready to participate, I think I've reached a point where I can watch two people physically enjoy each other without becoming judgmental.” I shrugged.

I'm actually very excited about the evening.”“Did Jeanne warn you that Bobby and I are bisexual? “I spent last fall living with two bisexual escorts.”Bobby said, “The prostitutes you met in Tucson.”I nodded.

“I think I would like you to wear this tonight.” She looked at me. ”I said, “Yes, I hope the two of you will take turns wearing it.”Abby said, “This is like a wonderful dream.”I glanced at the clock on Jeanne's beside table. Looking at Jeanne and Abby I asked, “Isn't our company due to arrive in fifteen minutes? Jeanne said, “For heavens sake, yes they are and we're not even close to being ready.”I grabbed my khakis.

As I pulled them on I said, “I'll get everything ready while you two finish putting on your makeup.” Laughing, Abby said, “Jeanne, he really is a crown jewel.”“Yes he is. It was at Corinne Planter's eighteenth birthday party.”I pulled my Polo shirt over my head and said, “That was a long time ago.”“I remember it like it was yesterday.

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