Butterworth on dating

“I couldn’t call myself a tailor if I’d made six suits.

I don’t do anything until it shows up, and when it shows up I’m a playwright and in between I’m not.

Of the five Butterworth siblings—four boys, with Jez the second youngest, and one girl, Joanna, the oldest—he and Tom were the first to collaborate, while both were students.

Just before 1 ., Sonia Friedman, the producer, entered, in a woolly bobble hat, to join the company for lunch.

In London, theatregoers were frustrated by the short run and the small venue, queuing for hours outside the Royal Court only to be turned away. I’d go and look at spaces like the Wyndham’s and I’d just think, This isn’t that story.”The rehearsal room was blocked out to look like the cabin, simply outfitted with a kitchen table, a plastic fish (which will be replaced with a real fish once the play starts its run), and a cabinet full of fishing paraphernalia—feathery lures and hooks.

“My dad wanted to batten down the hatches,” he said.

“He was a very sweet man and enormously bright and very funny. His life lessons weren’t about ‘Go West, young man.’ They were ‘Don’t go West, young man.

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