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His own death, in 1980, was followed by the official dissolution of , now completely under Sollers’s direction, and, equally significantly, transferred to another publisher.

The quotation gives them ambiguous aid and comfort, for it is unclear whether Sollers’s group should be identified with the last sentence, as they themselves prefer (‘waged to utter dissolution’), or rather with the next-to-last (‘turned against the cause they once defended’).And what, finally, about the spectacle of political and ideological defection, of which offers so many striking dramatisations, from literature to politics, from Soviet Communism to Maoism, from Maoism to pro-Americanism, from Marxism to religion?Any one of these moves might mark you for life; the accumulation (like the dialectic of quantity and quality) begins to offer a somewhat different picture, giving apostasy a bad name and opening the door wide to the debunking analysis of intellectual opportunism pioneered by Pierre Bourdieu – and exemplified here in a particularly satisfying way by Niilo Kauppi’s book.It was a question of extraordinary, yet transmissible qualities.’The new journal had somehow to affirm its originality in an already crowded field.Thus, it could not have anything in common with the hegemonic Sartrean journal, (something all the more striking when we remember that France was then still in the throes of the Algerian war).

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